Something New

Hello my crunchy morsels. Today we are going to try something…new. Tells what you think. If I like your comment you live, if I don’t like your comment, I eat you with hot sauce. Hehe

Jolting awake again, Brad looks around his room. Everything is still in place and nothing is in his room but him… Shaking off this feeling of being watched he tries to fall back asleep, but yet doesn’t want to fall back into the same dream he has had for the past week. 

Ever since he was a young boy, Brad felt like he was different. He didn’t look it on the outside. Scruffy brown hair, green eyes, average height and weight for his age, but he knew something was off. He would have never guessed how right he was. Brad always had this feeling when he would to some of his friends houses that they were being watched, but there was never anything there. He would never tell anyone his feelings because he didn’t want to be laughed at. Then, right before 7th Grade Brad met Bri and Jacob. Bri knew right away something was different about Brad, but Jacob would learn later that he had a secret. Bri was your average teenage girl. Blonde hair that flowed down to be mid back and blue eyes that looked as crystal blue as the sky on a summers day, while Jacob had black hair and brown eyes. Jacob and Brad developed a close friendship fairly quickly. They would always hang out and do things together. Jacob was new to the area. His family just moved in and had bought a house way out in the country. As far as Bri, she was quiet and had a troubled past. She didn’t try and get to close to people because she never knew how long she would be staying. 

One night Jacob and Brad were having a sleepover. Jacob had fallen asleep first and Brad shortly after. Not to long after falling asleep Brad felt a hand on his shoulder and awoke immediately to an unfamiliar face staring at him. This isn’t what bothered him the most though. What really got to him was he could see through the figure. It was looking for something, but what? Brad followed the figure into the hallway where it vanished into a closet. He rushed back to Jacob to wake him, but he was already awake. They looked at each other and finally Jacob asked if Brad had seen the old cowboy. Brad nodded yes. Jacob said he always walked through looking for something but he never knew what. The two never really spoke of the incident since then. 

A couple of days later, Brad and Bri were hanging out at here house doing science homework. All of a sudden Brad had the feeling they were being watched. He looked around, but didn’t see anything. Bri looked at him and told him not to worry. That she was only curious and meant him no harm. This statement really took Brad for a loop. She?! She who? He wondered. Seeing the puzzled look on his face Bri told him that she knew he could sense spirits and that she had a female spirit that protected her. That she could see spirits and she knew Brad could also sense them. Brad didn’t quite believe Bri, but knew she was different and the two became good friends as well. One day Bri had to over to visit. Brad never told anyone about the two deaths in his house that had happened, but as soon as Bri entered his home she asked him who the two men were that were watching her. He asked her to describe the two men and to his astonishment has described his uncle and grandfather to him. He then started believing her about being able to see spirits. 

Years have passed and ones gift has lessened while another’s has stayed the same and maybe a little stronger. There always seems to be a spirit residing in Brads houses now. Some say it is a protector to ward off evil. Brad just thinks it’s a nuisance that needs to learn how to clean at 2am when it decides to be very active and pace the floor, but this particular night, like many others he has woken up from, he sense his friend there watching over him. Is the dream some type of warning or the fact he is getting woken up from a bad dream simply a reminder that he isn’t alone and that someone is always there to watch over him? He may never know. 

If you suffered through that horrible mess congrats you get to live another day without being eaten. I leave alone to go wandering about your measley little lives living in fear of when I might strike next. Til next time my morsels eat well. 


Who are you?

This is to a stranger I have yet to meet. You keep me awake at because I fear out meet. Who are you and what do you want? Why do you hid your face from me, as if to taunt. Oh, blonde girl of the night why do you run with fright. Blonde girl of the night you know me by name, yet I do not know yours. You always run away and make me give chase. Blonde girl of the night why do you haunt me? Why can’t I sleep?  They say our minds never forget a face, so why is yours faceless? Is it bc we have not met yet, of that through the course of time I haven’t met you yet. I’ve seen you now for 4 nights in a row and never the same way. One day you will quit haunting me and I will have a face and maybe a name. Til we meet again tonight. M’lady, Sleep well and within sight. 


So, this dragon has been away looking for potential females. The downside is that the female species as a whole, humans and dragons alike, are very confusing. You have the type that want to string you along like a yo-yo, you have the lets talk and then drop you cold turkey, and then the ones that say they want to be friends and then treat you a little more than a friend and yet drop you cold turkey. So far, I have met all three. If there are more types out there, I fear for my sanity and all nearby villages. 

Did the the dragon do something wrong, but never told so he can fix mistake? Was his flames to bright and she couldn’t stand how bright and full of truth they were and needed setting dimmer? Was his scales to rough around the edges? Atm, this dragon just wants a huge pitcher of water and a pizza. Lol. When there is hope, it gets ripped away by false adventures. I don’t want to jinx anything, but I am always hoping that things will turn around. This dragon just wants to be happy with friends in his life. So far, I have what I refer to as my Long week and then I have my short week. Short week is great bc it is filled with gaming and friends, the long week is just me and it gets boring. Lol. At the current time, I think someone is interested in knowing this dragon well, but intentions are not completely clear as of yet. In time we will see where things go. Will they continue past a friendship, or will it stop and plateau from there? Only time will tell, this dragon just has to be themselves and see what fruit comes this. Whether it’s sweet or sour won’t matter to me, what will matter is how it’s handled. Me personally, I hope it continues past a friendship, but that’s not just my choice. It’s a two way street, not a one way. 

Recently, I have been listening to more and more music though. I miss music and wish that I could listen to it while I worked, but alas can’t. 

I have lost my path of thought. With that I guess I’ll wrap this up for now. If I remember anything I’ll save it for another day.

Good bye yummy morsels. 

Long time since I’ve flown

Hi all you crunchy morsels. I hope that all of y’all are getting ready for all the upcoming events. Father’s Day, Forth of July, and one of my favorite…Thanksgiving. I love that one because its when all of my morsels are meatier than ever and more fulfilling. lol. I know, I know, I am looking way to far into the future.
Well, in recent months there has been somethings developing. I am not sure when I will fly again, but I think things are looking up. I have a few great things that are going on personally and can’t wait to see what blooms and prospers. I am not going to jinx anything, so it will be a secret for now. If my flowers bloom, I will tell you more about it.
As for me, I am trying to rebuild my pile of gold and gemstones. It is a painful process. Really slow, actually. They frown upon you collecting gold and gemstones for yourself. They have no idea how tuff they are making it on us dragons these days. Oh well… it’s all in due time that my empire will be rebuilt. When that happens, I will reign fear and fire down upon you mere mortals, I mean, we will all live in peace and harmony…in my stomach. Muhuhahaha.
Sometimes, I think about the past and wonder around this time of year. What some of yo don’t know is that I was suppose to be a father, but it didn’t happen. Its not something that I will elaborate on, but we will just say that it makes me hate Father’s Day. Its a stolen day from me and at times I wish horrible things upon the person that stole it from me, but I also try to remember that everything happens for a reason. Enough about that though, no need in getting myself agitated over the past events. I hope that everyone has a great day. I will try and write to all of y’all soon.

Deep thoughts in self meditation

As I sit here every night on my pile of gold and gems I get a chance to reflect and meditate. Look back on my life and think about what future I may have. Here recently, it seems some of my demons that I thought were conquered are trying to come back and I am not sure how long I can keep them away. You see, being a dragon ain’t the easiest thing to live. We have long life spans and over that period of time we can many wrong things and no matter how hard we try to conquer them, it seems they are just abiding time for their return. Doubt, fear, rejection, loneliness, and what ifs. Those a a few lesser of them that are creeping in. There are others that are worse, but I’m still holding them off, but I wonder how long I can. So many questions run through my mind at night, that it’s hard to sleep. An hour or two is all I can manage. 

Have you ever wondered why it feels like you are being reprimanded? Punished? Did you not do something correctly? Miss a step or didn’t listen well? To fall out of the sky and land and break a wing and be teased by the birds for not being able to fly? These are some of the things I must deal with. 

Being closer to another year older…that makes you think of things. Seeing death all around you makes you sad for things. Big decisions are everywhere how do you make them when you can’t see? Do you make the mistake again and jump blindly or hold on and hope the fog clears up? Where would you go? What would you do? Sometimes I want to be able to soar again like I use to, but part of me is thinking why if I stay down this low no one will miss seeing my fly around. 

I think of the good I’ve done for people and the smiles I given. The laughs and wisdom and knowledge that I have shared and wonder is it enough? A big part says yes, but a little part says no. 

Where should I go? What should I do? Will I be happy? Can I make others happy?

Love, there’s something scary. Just what is love? What type of love is out there. Which love is best to have? There’s friendly love, puppy love, eternal love, spiritual love, and bless your heart type of love. Which is best to have if you only had to choose one? What about two? Which is the most fun to be in? Do you progress through the stages of just try and stay in one and possibly deny yourself any happiness you might have? 

Friends…how do you choose them? Do you think hey human we are weird, but I like your weirdness. We should hang around each other and never lose contact. What if that contact were lost and regained? Would you still feel the same about the friend? ´╗┐Would the still feel the same about you? What if you thought someone was your friend and turns out they just wanted to steal your happiness? What if you found new happiness, but it’s in a fog and you’re never really sure how happy you are?

Thoughts hardly ever make sense. Will this whole thing make any sense to anyone but me? I’ll never know. Why was it written this way? Who knows? For all you know, I might not understand any of this myself. I mean I’m just a dragon learning to read, write and speak basic. If you get that sentence then you’re off to a good start. 

If you had a good time and this has made you think good. That’s what meditation is suppose to do. Bring thoughts into your mind and help you find peace and comfort. Wha happens when that fails and it only brings more questions and peace and comfort don’t come? Well…to answer that go find yourself another dragon. I’m tired and going to try and sleep. 

Night humans. 

Getting you caught up

Hello my little morsles,

Well to get you caught up in my absence. I have a visitor for the week. IT was my mom. It was a nice surprise to have her here and to not be lonely for a week. I also met this really nice girl that I hope I can get to know better, but that will be up to her. If she doesn’t, then maybe we can be really good friends. I honestly hope that more will come from it though. I am not sure if I am ready, but I want to give it a try. I feel like I am though. I am not sure where my writings will go atm. I have alot going on in my mind and I will try to put it all into writing for everyone to read. This will be short and sweet tonight, but there will be more coming soon. Take care everyone.

Breathe of fresh air

Hello crunchy morsels. I hope everyone is having a good time. I am here to tell you about how a good friend was able to coax the dragon out of his cave for some fresh air. It was a nice change in scenery and the fresh air was nice. This old dragon while out and about was able to meet a pretty little damsel that caught his eye. There is the possibility that I may have caught hers as well. We talked and laughed and it seemed like things kinda flowed very easily. Who knows if this will develop into something more, I don’t think I’ll turn it down if it does. This is a great end to last night and hopefully will find out more about the situation tonight. I will keep everyone informed on how the damsel gets along with the dragon.